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IAU however approved the name "Haumea" submitted by Mike Brown's team, but with the location of discovery in Spain, and with the discover still being somewhat ambiguous. He chose the name because the name Haumea is closely associated with stone, and Santa as we knew it at the time appeared to be made of nothing but rock. And to quote: "Haumea is the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Hawaiian mythology. Her many children sprang from different parts of her body. She takes many different forms and has experienced many different rebirths.

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As the goddess of the earth, she represents the element of stone. Bouchez, and the Keck Observatory Adaptive Optics team ". When Pele sends her burning lava into the sea, Namaka cools the lava to become new land.

Ceres: Myth, Archetype, and Astrology

Haumea has eight other confirmed family members. The English subtitle common to Haumea Goddess of Childbirth and Fertility is somewhat of a simplistic reduction of the nature of the Hawaiian Goddess Haumea. Her essence is more than this. Being the Hawaiian ancestress and producing a royal genealogical line of chieftains is significant. Beckworth suggests the name Haumea more naturally comes from Hanaumea, meaning "sacred birth. It is the essence of purity for which this new Dwarf Planet is named—being smooth, of pure rock and of pure ice—unadulterated fundamental elements spinning rapidly in a state of equilibrium in contrast for instance to rip-roaring methane covered Eris.

This aspect of purity is also fitting to its discovery in Coma Berenices and of Virgo-being of the Virgin principle—being able to birth souls of an unadulterated nature, soul aware. Haumea is said to be the Goddess of Childbirth due to her knowledge of the birthing process, not only that of the soul but also of the biological-ecological relationship with life—having been said to have saved a woman from a cesarian by using an herbal remedy to induce birth.

Haumea's knowledge of fertility extends to that of the plants of the forest and the use of herbs. Haumea, born as a woman, had Kamala, a god one who came from the heavens as her husband. Haumea is noted to "change herself from old to young through rebirth" so as to marry her own genealogical line. Although some may take this to mean an extended life of perpetual rejuvenation, it more likely refers to her rebirthing as a soul into incarnate form over many lifetimes, not necessarily occurring in one lifetime—thus alluding to the continuance of the soul through the incarnational process—and also of maintaining awareness of her durative soul nature from lifetime to lifetime.

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At one point in the line of marriages she is said to be discovered as the original Haumea. Another facet to ponder is the statement that she births children from various parts of her body—her brain, her thighs. It helps to consider the nature of Haumea in the context of the ancient Polynesian view of life; thus it is worth mentioning the Hawaiian "Kumulipo" to help gain context for the unadulterated essence of Haumea and her lineage of souls.

The Kumulipo is an epic poem about creation and the evolution of life on Earth, over two thousand lines long, at one time recited from memory by Kahuna high priests during ceremony. In the Kumulipo, humans are acknowledged to be integral with the Earth, the land, and all living creatures—one wholistic system—providing a biologically-ecologically wholistic view of life, and thus teaching the sacredness of life, of being wholistically attuned to our embracing sojourn on Earth as evolving souls.

Keep in mind "The ancient Hawaiians were astronomers, and the terms used in the Kumulipo appertained to the heavens, the stars, terrestrial science, and the gods. Exploring the stellar alignments of a planet's orbital parameters lends additional insight into the astrological nature of a planet—how it is working in our lives and in which areas.

There are four points of primary significance in a planet's orbit: the planet's perihelion the location in a planet's orbit when it is closest to the Sun ; its aphelion the location in a planet's orbit when it is furthest from the Sun ; a planet's ascending node also called the north node - the location in a planet's orbit when it crosses from south to north of Earth's ecliptic plane ; and a planet's descending node also called the south node - the location in a planet's orbit when it crosses from north to south of Earth's ecliptic plane.

These four points compose a planet's "orbital cross. The perihelion-aphelion axis reveals more of the general nature and role of planet, where as the nodal axis reveals more about how a planet is interacting with Earth.

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The angle of a planet's orbit with respect to Earth's ecliptic plane called a planets's orbital inclination is also of significance. Its orbital plane, is the planet's own ecliptic. The constellations and stars of its ecliptic can reveal much as well, just as our zodiak does for our experience of life on Earth. The Perihelion reveals the area of a planet's primary influence in our lives. The Aphelion opposite perihelion star alignments provide perspective to the nature of its primary influence—sort of the intent behind or motivating its presence. Here, at the furthest reaches from the Sun, the planet gather's its momentum, and begins its journey back toward its perihelion—to bring forth the quality of its aphelion to its perihelion presence.

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A planet may be north or south of the ecliptic at its perihelion and aphelion. When a planet's perihelion occurs north of the ecliptic, this suggests that the area of its primary influence is working more in a conscious, externalized or overt way in our lives. When the perihelion occurs south of the ecliptic, this suggests that the area of its primary influence is working more at a transcendent, subconscious or internalize way in our lives, or within the underlying energetics of our lives. Note: using a different Ayanamsa does not change the actual location of the planets with respect to the stars.

This area of early sidereal Pisces is about humanity's creation; our fundamental need for nourishment, specifically that of the masses as a whole; and the primordial forces underlying life. It is also about submerging into and palpating the wet emotional world. Due to the Haumea's Haumea's perihelion is It last occurred on Jan 1, Our galaxy and its polar axis relates more to the purpose or mission of the soul than to our personality-level experience. The polar axis of our galaxy in particular inspires us to stand in the integrity of souls' greater evolutionary purpose, attuned to the fundamental forces governing life.

The South Galactic Pole the foundation of life in our galaxy resides in Sculptoris and conjoins Alpha Sculptoris, which lies about 2.

Special event: Conjunction of Jupiter and Haumea

Sculptoris, the Sculptor, articulates the sculpting or creation of humanity, and at a personal level, how we sculpt of our lives. The South Galactic Pole also conjoins Scheat of the Great Square of Pegasus, which lies north of the ecliptic, as well as conjoining the most northern point in ecliptical latitude along the galactic equator, which I call the "Primordial Origin" of Earth's precessional cycle.

Scheat reveals the essence of early sidereal Pisces and the very foundation of life—water. Scheat brings attention to our life force and the use of it. Scheat also brings attention to the waters of life and to the purity of our body fluids, especially our "lymph," which means Flowing Spirit of the Living Waters of Life. Scheat pertains to all waters of the world, but also to body fluids, especially water's relationship to the purification of the physical vehicle and the body's requirement for refined life force energies to express through the fluids molecular matrix.

Scheat also brings attention to our blood, sacred sexual fluids semen and clitoral ejaculate , and saliva, as well as to the types of fluids that we bring into our bodies. The purity and movement of the lymph and blood is not only essential for the elimination of toxins, but is also required for the transference of subtle light energies of cosmic intelligence our soul's essence to express through our genetic coding. The more light we express the truer we express the vibrancy of our souls, and the more life giving spirit substance we embody.

This is why peoples throughout history have sought Living Water—healing springs flowing endlessly from the ground of their own accord, water said to bring immortality—the word immortality here meaning "not being subject to premature degeneration and death. Scheat also asks us to integrate our primordial essence with our spiritual essence—to realize they are one flowing life-giving force.

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Directly north of Scheat is the Primordial Origin. I dub this northern location along the galactic plane as the "Primordial Origin" because this is the primary fiducial the fundamental starting point of Earth's precessional cycle. Here Earth's pole lies at rest in the precessional cycle. From this point onward, the pole begins to lift itself, awakening from its place of rest in unified galactic awareness to begin its precessional round and the evolutionary unfoldment of human consciousness.

Also at this time, the vernal point the birthplace of the soul resides on the Gate of God—the primary reference point in the zodiak.

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See the Precessional Movies. Here in early Pisces we are concerned with the creation of man, the origins of life, and genetic engineering, which is articulated by the stars of Reticulum, which enter the zodiak at the Aquarius-Pisces cusp. Lacerta embodies the pure unadulterated reptilian essence—primordial self—the Akka guardians of Mu. Liveright Publishing Corp.

Merrit brings us through the entry-way to Muria, our sub-merged mother land Mu, through the ruins of Nan Madol of the Micronesian island Pohnpei to meet our inner-Earth friends. I saw that they were not fierce, not ruthless, nor inhuman, despite their strangeness; no they were kindly; in some unmistakable way, benign and sorrowful—so sorrowful! These half-human highly developed batrachians they call the Akka The Lacerta are the guardians to the Primordial Origin of Earth's Precessional Cycle—the "Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul"; the keepers of the ancient wisdom regarding the primordial origins of the Earthian race.

The Chinese appropriately combined the stars of Lacerta with the early portion of Cygnus as their "Flying Serpent" or I would suggest, more appropriately, the "Flying Dragon" again representing the pure unadulterated essence of the Dragon—the Chinese seem to have an understanding of the Dragon energy as a quality of pure unadulterated reptilian consciousness, seemingly lost to most other cultures.

Lacerta the Lizard, a sub-order, along with Serpentis, belongs to the order Squamata of the class Reptilia. Iguanas also called the "Chinese Dragon" of the American tropics, can reach 6 ft.

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The Gecko is one of the seven infraorders of Lacerta. The seven infraorders is one indicator of the various genetics streams through which consciousness expresses on Earth. Thus the vernal point aligns with the longitude of our Primordial Origin. This reveals our need the human race to embrace our humanness, our primal essence, to have respect for the origins of life, and to amalgamate our true primordial nature with the wisdom gained throughout our entire sojourn on Earth—to fully infuse our spiritual soul awareness into the depths of our primal essence—to illumine the very genetic vessel through which soul expresses—to become one unified spiritually awakened spiral of light.

The vernal point's placement here also reveals our need to realize the fundamental importance of water and all of life's fluids.


Haumea, in this light, suggests its presence in our lives is aiding our rebirth in consciousness at a very fundamental level, inspiring our need to fully embrace our primordial origins, the essence of our physicality. From this perspective, "a new birth in consciousness" does not mean emergence or leaving something, but to submerse into life fully—certainly a statement about getting into the water—to fully palpate the emotional aspects of life and to recognize and honor our fundamental human needs as one unified race. Our Galaxy, the Milky Way, is a whirling disc composed of hundreds of billions of stars, of which our Sun is one.

Our galaxy is one of about 30 galaxies comprising a cluster of galaxies called our "Local Group.


Our Local Group is merely one galactic cluster of many that comprise yet a large group called our "Local Super Cluster. Haumea's last aphelion occurred in November Benatnasch is of the old totalitarian world powers, and Zavijava of their unquestioning followers. I have discussed these stars and their surrounding theme including underlying Crateris at length in The Earth-Saturn Synodic Cycle of March 8, , section of the Saturn-Uranus Opposition article, so I will not expound upon them here.

The point of significance here is that Haumea's aphelion lies just past the longitude of these stars, and more importantly, it resides in Coma Benenices, which lies just north of the Virgin's head. Coma for short can also be thought of as the Halo or Crown of the Virgin. Coma, in general, articulates our spiritual guidance, the essence of soul consciousness, and inspires our need to live attuned to that guidance as it expresses through the natural world.

The greater imagery here of the constellation Virgo is of the Virgin birthing a soul essence consciousness — expressing down from Coma SGC , through the Virgin and into the reincarnational Chelae of the Scorpion. Thus, Coma and Virgin also articulate the theme of a pure unadulterated birth, that is of the means to be able to produce a birth that is able to maintain soul-level awareness in incarnate form—quite fitting to the mythological theme associated with the goddess Haumea.

Haumea's aphelion occurred in November Bush-Gorbachev summit negotiates strategic arms reduction treaty July ; China accepts nuclear nonproliferation treaty Aug ; Boris Yeltsin becomes first freely elected president of the Russian Republic July World History from infoplease. Let us keep in mind, the aphelion stars articulate more of that which is behind the more prominent perihelion theme—thus sculpting our lives, that of mass-consciousness early Pisces , from this spiritual essence early Virgo.

The aphelion-perihelion axis clearly reveals, and is quite in keeping with the name given to this heavenly body, that Haumea supports a new birth in consciousness, or more so, aiding humanity's re-birth into a spiritually aware state of being. It would seem Haumea's driving intent is that to intercede in what the old totalitarian powers have repeatedly demonstrated throughout Earth's history—the repetitive destruction of the peoples of the Earth and inability to ensure a safe evolution and ascension of humanity. The mention in the myth of the goddess Haumea interceding in an a barbaric cesarian birth with a natural solution fits this theme as well.