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Facts When a Gemini loves you, they love with all they have.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Traits

Facts How to get on their side: Make them laugh. Facts Gemini love and appreciate romanticism. Facts The best curve on Gemini is their smile Facts Gemini likes to talk things out face-to-face rather than resorting to texting Facts Geminis are great storytellers and writers Facts A Gemini female is among the most desirable of the Zodiac.

Facts Gemini present themselves well in public. They are a real charmer. Facts Geminis the only sign that can have good sex with every other sign. Thank for reading!

Gemini The Twins Zodiac Star Sign

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A Tribute To Gemini, The Low-Key Psychopath Of The Zodiac - NYLON

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Priya Bhandari January 2, at am. My curmudgeonly twin points out that astrology is fake. Seemingly every cool-girl online brand — including Lenny , Bustle , Broadly , Girlboss and The Cut — features its own astrology column. And a new set of internet-famous gurus are on the rise. Chani Nicholas — a kind of social-justice astrologer — has amassed a following with her chicly appointed newsletter, Twitter feed of self-help one-liners, and Instagram account where she shares empathic memes.

Blah blah blah? As astrology has caught on , justifications for its rise have swirled. Maybe young people are turning away from religion, and woo woo spirituality is filling the gap. Or maybe the unpredictable results of the last election have encouraged us to throw out traditional scientific methods and look to the stars. Horoscopes have always been tailored to their audiences. Here are some of our favorite tweets about the start of this season. No one: Geminis on May 21st: pic. My two personalities getting ready for GeminiSeason pic.

We just have a hard time, um, grasping your ideas …?

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First day of Gemini season aesthetic pic. We just need some time. Happy Gemini Season pic.

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