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I use a combination of spiritual, psychological and predictive approaches in my work, which are tailored to your needs. An instructor at 3 universites, I am also co-author of Love Planets,in print since Astrologer since Duende is a term used to describe artistry empowered from the awareness of death. Using Jungian Alchemical, and neo-Freudian models, and illustrated with film clips and slides, this lecture discusses ideas of darkness and its different dimensions in psychoanalytic practice, ending with a case study of a suicidally depressed artist's transformation.

Seattle, Washington www. These classes are a study of the systems of correspondences crucial to doing good astrological work, and will take your interpretation skills up a notch by giving you the key to seeing just how specific planetary and sign energy is. This workshop combines the way astrology manifests in artwork with the way it manifests in our bodies. We will review the basic characteristics of art elements and astrology, with an emphasis on color systems.

Then we will go into the basic information about the physical characteristics of the signs and planets, correlating them.

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We'll look at different people, both famous and not, to see how they express their astrological energies in how they look and practice differential diagnosis with them. Through exercises using the material, you will see how this works for you and your chart. What Do I Say? Nuts and bolts of how to talk about many different issues that come up in astrological practice, such as discussing what you see in a helpful way, establishing appropriate boundaries with your clients, and knowing when and where to refer clients.

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In Alchemy, Saturn represents the base matter to be transmuted. What is this in our charts? This lecture goes into alchemy,it's history, the basics of its' practice, and the alchemical stages with their psychological and astrological dimensions. Mars and the Man 'War is a young man's game, for it requires courage, and hope for the future'. The astrological Mars from the viewpoint of myth, as the male in men and women, and developmental psychology. The Crosses We are the seasons--the spiritual and psychological meanings of cardinal, fixed, and mutable.

Decans and Duads lll

Fated Attraction The inner picture of the loved one, and the outer planets in relationships. A look at the big picture in relationships. Element, Mode, and Planet themes betwixt and between people. This is based on the scoring system in my book Love Planets Mooning Around The importance and function of the Moon in synastry.

Astrology and the Underworld Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, the 8th and 12th houses. What is the underworld, where is it located, and who goes there? It is a place of confrontation, transformation and transcendence. Stories and myths of descent inform us about it; Inanna and Persephone myths are discussed, with a look at Hell along the way. Charts of people trapped in, involved with, working through the underworld issues such as schizophrenics, drug addicts, healers, murder mystery writers, criminals will be considered.

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